Attachment1 to Communications no.4

Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province 2016


God our Father,

in your great love you gave us your Only Son

who in turn promised to send the Holy Spirit

to teach us and remind us

of all that He has said and done.

Let your Holy Spirit descend with many graces

upon our 3rd Provincial Chapter.

May the same Spirit, gentle teacher and guide,

empower us to live this moment of grace

with a deeper awareness of the meaning

of our being  your Disciples in this particular time

and in the cultural realities of our Province.

May His recreating and transforming presence

awaken in us an attitude of listening

and docility to His actions,

as well as a sense of co-responsibility and commitment

to live in conformity with the deliberations of the Chapter.

And may His gift of joy enable us

to welcome significant fruits,

certain that He is the one guiding our journey
as a Province through these years.


May the wonders of a new Pentecost

be renewed within us and among us.

Gathered in prayer with Mary,

and inspired by the spirit of St. Paul,

may we spread the Kingdom of Jesus the Divine Master,

who is the Way, Truth and Life.