Provincial Superior's circular no. 6


Circular n. 6
June 22, 2017



Dearest Sisters,

Greetings of love, peace and joy flowing from the Most Sacred Heart of our Jesus, our Divine Master and Lord!

In tomorrow’s celebration of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, let us join hearts and hands in prayer for the ordained ministers, as the Church commemorates the World Day of Sanctification of Priests. Let us pray for our brothers in the priestly ministry set apart and sent out to follow Jesus Master as merciful mediators of the gift of salvation. We can call to mind specific pastors and candidates to the priesthood who need particular prayers and graces in order to carry out the mission entrusted to them. We pray in particular for priests, old and young, who need healing in their lives and a renewed trust in God. In the same vein, we pray for ourselves and the whole people of God who share in the baptismal priesthood of Christ. We remember the Christian communities and persons who have been greatly challenged and who need the grace of reconciliation because of the lack of witnessing and the shortcomings of their pastors. May we all be united in imploring and working for the gift of sanctification, firmly believing that we have been called by the Lord, not because of our own merits, but because of grace.

In the latest communication of our Superior General, Sr. M. Micaela Monetti, she made known to all the decision to discontinue or suspend the writing of personal greetings to each of the sisters and to give priority to the correspondence that arrives daily (see letter dated June 18, 2017). Let us welcome this decision with open hearts and continue to support her with our daily prayers and life offering, as we are already wont to do, in the morning offering and evening prayers in the communities. Additionally, we also adhere to her desire that the annual remembrance of her feastday/birthday be substituted by the date of her election to the office that is, on May 10.

In regard to the special remembrances of the sisters’ feastday/birthday (cf. Dir.65.3), I believe we can continue the practice of the offering of Masses and special prayers in our communities for the intention of the sister concerned, the most precious gift we can give to each other. The local superiors, as representatives and collaborators of the provincial superior, are very much enjoined to continue the practice of showing particular attention and affection to the members of the communities on these special occasions.

I am happy to announce here also the Celebration of the Opening of the Centenary of the Association of the Pauline Cooperators on Friday, June 30, 2017 at the FSP Shrine of Mary Queen of Apostles, from 3:00-5:30 pm. Our sisters and APC-FDM members in the areas of Manila, Quezon City and Antipolo are invited to participate. We shall be informing you later of the other activities in connection to this celebration.

I take the opportunity to thank everyone for the commitment and support shown during our apostolic sector heads meeting last May (sisters involved in the service to the priests) and June (sisters in the liturgical ministries) and the availability and enthusiasm of everyone during the post-chapter animation in the communities. May all these bear abundant fruits in time. Let us brace ourselves for the upcoming meeting of the Local community animators and bursars scheduled consecutively on July 3-5 and 6-7, 2017 at the Alberione Center, Quezon City.

Finally, due to the ongoing military conflict in Mindanao region, specifically in Marawi and its neighboring towns in the province of Lanao, we have decided to transfer the venue of the perpetual profession of Sr. Maredith Canoy to our Divine Master Chapel in Antipolo City on the same date Saturday, July 22, 2017. Let us accompany Sr. Maredith and her family members in the immediate preparation for this significant moment and let us thank the Lord for the gift of Sr. Maredith’s PDDM vocation.

May I ask for your prayers too for our mid-year council meeting (June 23-28, 2017). Gratefully in Christ and in St. Paul, in behalf of the members of the Provincial government, I greet you all with affection,    

Sr. M. Gemma Victorino pddm