Provincial Superior's circular no. 7


Circular n. 7
July 17, 2017

Dearest Sisters,

       May the love that dwelt in the heart of our Mother M. Scholastica Rivata and that sustained her in the paschal journey continue to live on in our hearts and communities.
        Thank you for the accompaniment of your prayer and sacrifices in the recently concluded activities in our Province, especially the formative meeting of the community animators and bursars held early this month. I am sure your respective local superiors have shared with you the resolutions that came out from this formative session. I want to highlight here the first two items in the list of resolutions which I believe we should all keep foremost in our lives and relationships. 1)  To seek to be authentic disciples of Jesus in continuous formation. "In reality, continuous formation is not enough; what we need also and above all is continuous conversion and purification.” (Tracks for discernment, 9th GC, no. 43) and 2) To deepen the understanding and living out of our baptism as participation in the paschal mystery of Christ and in the life of the Church as people of God. This will help change the face of the community and enable us to recognize each other’s dignity, as well as the dignity of our lay collaborators, participants and recipients of our mission. (see Tracks… no. 39)

  I also returned recently from the 2017 AMRSP Joint Convention where I experienced, together with the leaders of consecrated men and women in the Philippines, the demanding task of reflecting on the theme “Consecrated Men and Women: Joyful and Prophetic Witnesses of God’s Mercy and Compassion.” In the process, we identified the priority challenges of our country and the needed responses as consecrated persons. Among the most urgent issues, we have prioritized the human rights issues especially those connected to extrajudicial killings, ecological concerns, violence and terrorism in Marawi and the consequent declaration of Martial Law in the island of Mindanao. I am attaching here the Convention Statement for your personal and community reflection (see attachment). As you will note, the proposed responses are directed to the raising of consciousness, continuous formation, committed action and greater net-working of resources among consecrated persons.

         As PDDM I believe that we can always do more, by starting to review our personal and community life. We pose the question of how to be “converted together:” 1) in informing ourselves of and bringing to prayer the suffering of our people and 2) in living out a more simple lifestyle, so that we can also learn to live in solidarity with the millions of the disadvantaged persons in our country and the world at large. The sapat (enough) lifestyle which is being promoted by the “ecological prophets” in our midst is so much in keeping with our vow and value of poverty. May I invite every sister and community then to explore ways and means to radically live this out. Let us examine and determine together where there is “superfluity” or the tendency to “accumulate, keep excess or hoard” in the various aspects of our lives and let us beg for the grace of conversion to be “poor in spirit and in fact.”

         Let us be one with Sr. Maredith Canoy and her natural family as she makes her perpetual profession this coming Saturday, July 22, 2017 – the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene - at our DMC Chapel in Antipolo. May this significant moment in our Congregation be also a moment of witnessing to the beauty of consecrated life to the young people, especially those who are searching for the face of Jesus Master.      

  Let us also accompany with our prayers our three sisters who will be renewing their vows on August 15, 2017 and our pre-postulants who are finishing the final phase of their journey of pre-postulancy. By the first days of August, accompanied by Sr. M. Bernadette Martinez, the four of them will be transferring to Cebu to prepare for their entrance to postulancy on August 29, 2017, with Sr. M. Lawrence Consulta as their Postulant Directress. May the Lord of the harvest continue to send “good and committed laborers to his vineyard.”
         Greeting you all with affection, together with the Provincial Government Team,
                                                                                                                                                                                           Sr. M. Gemma Victorino pddm