Intercontinental Meeting of Asia-Oceania Circumscriptions

The Intercontinental Meeting of Asia-Oceania Circumscriptions was convoked at  the Alberione Oasis, Antipolo City, Philippines from January 16-20, 2009. 

Present for the meeting  on the part of  the General Government  were  Sr. M. Regina  Cesarato, Superior General, Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, Vicar-General and Sr. M. Micaela Monetti, General Councillor.  Representing the Asia-Oceania Circumscriptions are the following:

  • Sr. M. Concettina Kim (Provincial Superior: Korea-New Zealand)
  • Sr. M. Gianna Kwon (Local Superior: New Zealand)
  • Sr. M. Leticia Bantolinao (Provincial Superior: Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province)
  • Sr. M. Virginia Velez (Coordinator: Taiwan Communities)
  • Sr. M. Necitas de Rama (Local Superior: Hong Kong)
  • Sr. M. Giovanna Uchino (Provincial Superior: Japan)
  • Sr. Kanikai Mary Isaac (Provincial Superior: India)
  • Sr. Mary Anne Attard (Delegate Superior: Australia)
  • Sr. M. Catherine Hipwell (Councillor: Australia)
  • Sr. M. Immacolata Lui (Councillor: Australia)

The six members of  the Provincial Government of  the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province participated also in the meeting.  The objectives of the meeting are the following:

  1. To deepen the understanding of the PDDM consecrated life in Asia-Oceania within a globalized context, and with particular attention to the Churches of Australia and China
  2. To discern and to share our expectations and hopes regarding the need to unify or diversify some circumscriptions;
  3. To form ourselves in the meaning and the role of leadership;
  4. To look into the questions regarding the writing of the Statute of the Circumscriptions.

In the morning of  the first day we had  Lectio Divina  guided by  Sr. M. Regina  to set  the the mood and  dispose  everyone  to  the  working  through  of  the  objectives  prepared  for  the meeting.  The meeting  proper  began with  an “Introduction” by  Sr. M. Regina  after which  we     journeyed   together   recalling    the   past   when    Sr.  M. Gemma  gave   the   summary  of  the  intercontinental meetings and  common initiatives in Asia-Oceania circumscriptions.  The reports of the Superiors of the Circumscriptions (Australia, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines-Taiwan-Hong Kong) with power point  presentation showed the interesting reality of
each country.

The second and third day were set for feedback and formulation of the Plan of Action in the intercontinental level.  Sufficient time was allotted for sharing on the present reality, hopes
and prospects. An added element for this day was the input given by Sr. M. Regina about  “Formation on Leadership” and Sr. M. Gemma on “Learning to Dialogue.”

The focus of the fourth day was on the new Rule of Life.  Sr. M. Micaela Monetti explained the new Rule of Life, its history, its making and its technicalities.  The whole presentation is in view of introducing us to the process of writing the Statutes of the circumscription.  It is a  work to be accomplished by various circumscriptions to supplement this new Rule of Life and Directory.

To unwind after the meeting, a visit was made to “Galilee Centre” – Assist Program for Priests in Tagaytay and to SSP Houses in Silang, Cavite and Makati, Metro Manila.

A unique feature that the participants of this Intercontinental Meeting greatly appreciated was the Cultural Presentation we had on the Feast of Sto. Niño.  It was our expression of welcoming them to our beloved country and at the same time a moment to present the untarnished beauty of our cultures.  On that night we, as PDDM, experienced the internationality of our institute/family and the beauty of diversity inherent in every culture.