In the Father's house...

Today, 14 March 2017, at 8.45 in the morning, local time, in the infirmary of the Divine Master Community in Antipolo (Philippines),

the Lord called to the eternal Easter our Sister

Sr. M. Lucia Edita Rosales

born on 10 July 1943 in Palo, Leyte-Philippines.


Edita entered in the Congregation in Pasay City on 31 May 1956, in a rented house as we were just in the early beginnings of our presence in the Philippines. She hails from a big family of five brothers and three sisters. The education of the children required much sacrifice and commitment from their parents, given also the precarious economic condition of the country at that time. At the same time, this experience within the family environment has formed Edita in the values of solidarity, sharing and high degree of sensitivity towards the needs of others.

After the regular novitiate, which was the first Novitiate in the Philippines, she made her religious profession on 25 March 1961 in Pasay City and the perpetual vows on 25 March 1966 in Antipolo.

After religious profession she was assigned for a time in the community of Pasay as assistant formator of the aspirants. This was followed by eventual assignments in the SSP House in Makati, then at the Liturgical Apostolate Center in Manila and as an expert in hand embroidery in the workshop in Antipolo, given her particular talent in this ministry.

Other periods in her life were also dedicated in completing her cultural and religious formation, given the fact that she entered the Congregation at a very young age.

In 1983, she was named as Local Superior of our community serving the SSP Novitiate in  San Fernando, Pampanga. It was a new presence and, with the fervor of the early beginnings, she carried out her ministry with great attention and responsibility. 

She had a brother, a priest of the Society of St. Paul, who had already preceded her in the house of the Father. She had always accompanied him with prayer and had ministered to his health needs while exercising his ministry in a Diocese in the United States of America. This was also one of the motives why Sr. M. Lucia asked for a period of absence in the Congregation.

From 1993 to 2006, she was a missionary in the Irish Delegation where she offered her contribution to the various apostolic activities. Sr. M. Lucia is characterized with evangelical littleness. She knew how to find joy in the little things, a joy that she was able to communicate to the persons around her.  This was certainly a fruit of her communion with Jesus Master, something that intensely grew through her life of prayer and her love for the Word of God which nourished her spirit and adoration.  The family situations and their particular needs accompanied her life, her prayer, and her offering especially the offering of her suffering. She also kept at heart in her offering and intercession the needs of the priests and the vocations.

            In 2006, she returned to the Philippines after her mission in Ireland. At that time, the cancer of the breast with which she was diagnosed earlier in 1991 also re-appeared. She spent  the last years of her life in the infirmary at the Divine Master Convent, Antipolo, doing mainly the apostolate of prayer. Last year the metastasis of breast cancer started to affect the bones and later the liver.  She had pulmonary edema  and pneumonia in the first week of February 2017. While in the hospital, she expressed to Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, Provincial Superior, her desire to return to the community and await the coming of the Lord there. Even at that time, she was already comforted by the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. This morning, after the morning Eucharist, surrounded by the prayers of the community and the loving presence of her family, Sr. M. Lucia expired her last breath to meet our Lord in his Transfigured glory.

Sr. M. Lucia, as we continue our Lenten journey while you point out to us the eternal Easter, please carry before the Most Holy Trinity all the hopes we have at heart for the coming 9th General Chapter! Rest in peace!

Sr. M. Paola Mancini

Pie Discepole del Divin Maestro - Casa generalizia -


A sharing of Sr. M. Brid Gerathy, Delegate Superior of PDDM Ireland who journeyed with Sr. M. Lucia during her mission in Athlone, Ireland:

Dear Sr. Gemma,

I have just returned from Italy where I visited the Koine.  Even though I was expecting the news of our dear Sr. Lucia's death, it came as a surprise and with a great feeling of sadness.  I was in the community with Sr. Lucia for so many years and am grateful for having known her.  What I admired her for was her great love for the altar and her dedication to have all things beautiful.

Many people who visited the chapel of adoration in Athlone were inspired by her floral arrangements.  Their usual comments were, "These flowers help me to pray, they are an inspiration". She also prepared the flowers for special feastdays in the parish.  She has a great desire to help the young children to experience the Adoration and every Saturday, she would bring a small group of children to the chapel to pray and to explain the different symbols to them.  She was a very simple and gentle person and was all ready to help.  We all have lovely memories of her and we thank the Divine Master for having the privilege of knowing her.  The people in Athlone remember her and have been praying for her. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

Sr. M. Brid Gerathy, PDDM