3rd PTH PC 2nd Session Updates

August 25, 2017 – The celebration of the 61st Foundation Anniversary of the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province was highlighted by the closing of the 2nd Session of their 3rd Provincial Chapter.

After the chapter delegates have gathered the fruits of their labor under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they delineated plans on how to transmit these blessings to all the sisters in the province which of course entails commitment, openness and participation of all.

In view of the urgency of transmission, the delegates pledge to take responsibility of conveying the Chapter Experience and the Courses of Action to different communities in collaboration with the Provincial Government.

Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, the Chapter President in her closing message thanked the delegates and all the sisters who generously shared their gifts and abilities for a fruitful, meaningful and peaceful celebration of the chapter. Then, she officially closed the 2nd Session of the 3rd Provincial Chapter of the P-T-H Province.

The Eucharist was celebrated in the afternoon with Rev. Fr. Jose Aripio, Provincial Superior of the Society of St. Paul as the presider. In his homily, he stressed Ruth’s faithfulness and obedience in the 1st Reading which actually spring from genuine love as also the overarching theme of the day’s Gospel. One can only obey faithfully if he or she is motivated by love. Such disposition sustains a person in living his/her vocation even if it involves difficulty and pain.

With the sister-delegates who offered their thanksgiving to God for the many manifestations of His grace during the whole course of the chapter, some representatives of sisters from other communities, friends and lay cooperators also joined the celebration. A table fellowship then followed after the Mass.

Though the 3rd Provincial Chapter has ended, the “Calls” handed over by the 9th General Chapter continue to echo. Now, with the Responses concretely expressed through the Courses of Action outlined by the provincial chapter delegates, every sister in the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province is summoned to embrace the challenge to be a New Wineskin ready to receive the New Wine—Jesus, whose life overflows in order to renew and reinvigorate the life of every PDDM for sanctity and for the mission.

Sr. M. Janice Golez





Beloved Sisters in Jesus Master, let us bless the Lord!    THANKS BE TO GOD!

Today, the celebration of our 61st PDDM Foundation Day in the Philippines in which we celebrate also the closing of the Second Session of the Third Provincial Chapter, is like awakening to a new day and a new stage of our journey and life as a Province.

Our first act of gratitude is towards God, who in his Son Jesus and with the grace of his Holy Spirit, accompanied us in the process of listening, discerning and deciding together on how to answer the explicit questions directed to all the members of our Congregation in this new Chapter of our life: ““Lord, what do you want me to do?” “Lord, what do you want us to do?”

Secondly, I would like to thank all of you who have fully and actively participated in this Paschal dynamic, this journey that we have traversed together these six days. Thank you for the generous, joyful and peace-filled collaboration, the patience and the openness of each one. The Courses of Action that we have drafted together in response to the Five Calls or Chapter Priorities hope to help all our members, personally and as a community, to go out and start moving towards the following directions: first, the new frontiers where the Lord sends us to live out the prophetic acts of proclamation and denunciation; second, the search for and composition of a “new design” that will help develop our members and mission, in interconnection to the General Government and all the PDDM Circumscriptions; third, the movement of conversion toward practicing acts of justice, peace and ecological conversion, to grow in the care of our common home; fourth, the call to be open to go out, encounter and accompany the youth to evangelize and to be evangelized by them; and fifth, the last but not the least, to move closer to one another and live out the heart of our discipleship: “by this, all will know that you are my disciples, by the love that we have for one another” hence the call to renew and revisit the quality of our community life and learn how to be prophets of hope and joy, in the simple witnessing of the beauty of our Pauline PDDM Consecrated life, for the integral growth of each one, in Christ and in the Church.

We thank each other who have accomplished specific ministries for the organization and smooth carrying out of the day-to-day activities of our Chapter: the Liturgy Committee, the Presiding Council with the Two Moderators, the Secretariat and Staff, the Accommodation Team, the Physical Set-up Team, the Information and Documentation Team, Recreation Team, the Health Care Team and the Committees for Editing and the Revision of the articles of the PTH Statutes. In a very special way, we thank the sisters of the Alberione Center Community, who have accompanied us generously and creatively in this grace-filled journey. We give thanks also to Sr. M. Micaela Monetti, our Mother General and her Government and all the sisters of the Province who have supported us with their prayers and sacrifices.

And just as in the Genesis story of creation, God created everything in the world in six days and then appreciated everything that he has done seeing them as “good,” indeed, “very good,” we can perhaps also make a contemplative gaze at the experience of these days and praise the Lord together and sing: “It is good to give thanks to the Lord…”

May Jesus our Divine Master continue to journey with us in the days ahead and most especially in the Paschal journey of application of the Deliberations and Decisions of the Provincial Chapter. With this wish and prayer, in the spirit of joy and gratitude I now officially CLOSE the Second Session of the Third Provincial Chapter.

August 23-24, 2017 – Inspired by the opening words of Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, the Chapter President, “to count their blessings and be grateful” (on the 4th day) and “to be flexible” (on the 5th day), the delegates were able to enfleshed these invitations by the spirit of communion and collaboration they manifested with each other. Each one participated in the sharing of insights and experiences which served as their material in drafting their proposed Courses of Action.

After the thorough process that the delegates had to go through since the 3rd Day of the Chapter, the Energy Groups were able to present their proposed Courses of the Action to the Redaction Team who in turn painstakingly edited all the collated texts. The Redaction Team was of composed of Sr. M. Francis Dy, Sr. Ma. Luz Cabahug, Sr. M. Cecilia Payawal and Sr. M. Nimfa Ebora as the coordinator.

Prayers were intensely offered during these days. Sisters from different communities also sent their prayerful greetings for the Chapter Delegates. On the 4th day, the rest of the delegates spent more time in prayer accompanying the members of the Redaction Team who were editing their works. Eventually, the Team was able to present the initial fruit of their work in the afternoon of the 4th day.

Simultaneously, an Ad Hoc Committee assigned to comprehensively read the PTH Province Statute comprised of Sr. M. Virginia Velez, Sr. M. Bernadette Martinez, Sr. M. Graziella Aseberos and Sr. M. Janice Golez, was also formed. They were asked to identify the parts of the Statute that need modification.

The 5th day was already the presentation of the works of the two committees for comments and final votation. There was a two-fold presentation of the works accomplished during the day: first, the proposed modification of some parts of the Statute by the Ad Hoc Committee; and secondly, the final draft of the Courses of Action by Redaction Team. Both were then officially approved by the Chapter Assembly.

The delegates’ experience of the day was like a birthing process of a new life which will eventually diffuse its goodness to the rest of the sisters in the province as well as to the whole congregation, to the Church and to all creation.

We give thanks to God and to the rest of the sisters who unceasingly journey with us through their prayers. May God bring to fulfillment all the works he has been unfolding before us during these days of the chapter.

Sr. M. Janice Golez


August 22, 2017 – The importance of “going through the process” was the highlight of the third day of the 2nd Session of the PTH 3rd Provincial Chapter.

The Eucharist, celebrating the Liturgical Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, presided by Rev. Fr. Aris Sison, paved the way to the willing expressions of the delegates’ “fiat” to the five calls or Priorities of the 9th General Chapter, which awaited them in the chapter hall.

Before she officially declared the third day opened, Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, the Chapter President reiterated the essence of the celebration of the day: that Mary’s Queenship is not out of concession but a sign of God’s fidelity. Mary incarnated her collaboration to God’s work of salvation in the way she lived her life in humility and simplicity as the leading disciple of her Son. Citing Richard Rohr, Sr Gemma applied an insight regarding Mary’s participation in the salvific mystery: “salvation is about being quietly joyous and cooperative with the divine generosity that connects everything to everything else.”

The main work of the day was initiating the process of drafting the Courses of Action following the Five Calls or Priorities delineated in the Final Document of the PDDM 9th General Chapter which are the following: Proclamation to the new frontiers; Toward a new design; Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation; Go out – Welcome – Accompany the Youth; Fraternal life, prophecy of joy and of hope.

An interesting activity to initiate this process was the “contemplative walk” done by the Delegates in order to form the “energy groups,” called as such because the main thing in discerning and choosing the working group is to listen internally “where” one is being drawn to invest one’s energies. The rest of the day was spent in sharing experiences of trying to understand deeply the meaning of the priority, and even to convince oneself and each other that such and such is really the priority of the Congregation at this point in time. A plenary session towards the end of the day was devoted to the sharing of experience and fruit of the delegates’ group work.

Finally, Sr. M. Gemma appreciated and thanked the chapter delegates for their participative efforts during the course of the third day. She said, “We learned that despite the variety of rhythms and modes of understanding, we recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit who is actively at work within and among us.” The day ended with the celebration of the Evening Prayer together with the community of the Alberione Center.

Sr M. Janice Golez

August 21, 2017 — the second day of the 2nd Session of the 3rd Provincial Chapter was overflowing with reflections discerned together and shared by the chapter delegates.

The day commenced with a solemn celebration of the Morning Prayer wherein a meditation from the input of Fr. Bernardino Cozzarini, Camaldolese Monk, during the 9th General Chapter in Rome, was echoed by Sr. M. Gemma Victorino. One remarkable point was on the Paschal Mystery “contained within” the Incarnation and the Resurrection which irrupts into human lives, making the “wineskins” of Jesus’ disciples ever new. The sister-delegates were led into a deeper awareness of the Gospel’s invitation to open up in order to welcome the New Wine—Christ to implode into them so that new life and energies may flow.

The Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Allen Peña, SSS was also a segue to the above reflection this time stressing the importance of one’s rootedness on his/her “being” before any preoccupation on the “doing”. Such was another challenge to primarily nurture the interior life over the externals.

The morning Session featured the sharing of the Synthesis of the Reports of the Superior General and of the Treasurer General during the 9th General Chapter which was comprehensively done by Sr. M. Bernadette Martinez and Sr. M. Virginia Velez. Some sisters also shared insights on the said reports.

The outpouring of the Spirit was intensified during the afternoon session with the presentation of the Tracks of Discernment and the Final Document by Sr. M Gemma Victorino. After all the inputs of the morning and afternoon sessions, the delegates were divided into small groups for the sharing of their insights and reflections. This gave each sister the opportunity to impart to the small groups the following points: what enflamed her heart, what disturbed her and what she thinks or feels should be added for the journey of the Congregation in the next six years.

A short insight shared by Sr. M. Gemma before closing the morning session of this day was the need for the virtue of resilience in facing the challenges of our life and mission. Resilience has three important components: firstly, that of accepting the hard core reality like, we have to accept that there are many alternative organisms, persons and groups who can produce and offer liturgical productions better than us, who can probably do our forms of ministry better, etc. Secondly, we should continue to ask ourselves and seek the meaning of why things are happening the way they are, for instance, what causes the lack of vocation in the priestly and religious life, etc. All this should lead us to the third component which is resourcefulness and inventiveness as a response to the problems at hand. With the light and help of the Spirit of Jesus Master we can always remain pro-active in the face of the challenges before us.

We thank all the sisters and all the persons who unceasingly accompany us during these days of our Chapter. Thank you to all who send in their greetings and expressions of nearness. Be assured that we keep you all in our prayers and invoke also the outpouring of God’s Spirit upon you.

Sr. M. Janice Golez


The 2nd Session of the 3rd Provincial Chapter of the PDDM Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong (P-T-H) Province officially opened on the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 20, 2017 at Alberione Center in Quezon City.

In the morning, the Opening Eucharist held in the chapel of Alberione Center community was presided by Rev. Fr. Jojo Zerrudo, parish priest of the Most Holy Redeemer Parish with Rev. Fr. Gil Alinsangan, SSP as the concelebrating priest. The sisters, together with their lay friends and cooperators in the mission, celebrated a three-fold thanksgiving: the 103rd foundation day of the SSP as well as of the whole Pauline Family; the 60th foundation anniversary of the PDDM in the Philippines; the natal day of Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, the Provincial Superior; and most importantly, the Opening of the 2nd Session of the 3rd Provincial Chapter of the PDDM P-T-H Province.

In his homily, Fr. Zerrudo mentioned two words which were suitably significant to the identity and mission of the PDDM in the present context of the P-T-H Province: inserted and inclusive. Relating the day’s Gospel on the Canaanite woman, Fr. Zerrudo singled out these words and stressed that God, by his graciousness, willed to insert the Gentiles, which include us, into the family of His chosen people. And this also comes with a challenge to be always inclusive in relating with others that all may have a share of the same grace.

In the afternoon, after the solemn Vespers, the chapter delegates walked in procession to the Chapter Hall where Sr. M. Gemma Victorino officially opened the 2nd Session of the 3rd Provincial Chapter of the PDDM P-T-H Province.

The participants are composed of the Provincial Government, 10 elected members, and the 2 newly-perpetually professed sisters, who were once representatives from the junior professed, but now by virtue of the principle of continuity, are still participants the chapter.

After giving her welcome address, Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, the Chapter President, led the delegates in reviewing the Regulations of the Provincial Chapter as well as the functions of the Chapter Organisms. She also reiterated the remarkable points of Fr. Zerrudo’s homily and encouraged the delegates to take it as the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who actually works double-time during chapters. Thus, mindful of the grace that the PDDM are inserted into God’s family, they too are challenged to constantly actuate the mentality of inclusivity.

Finally, before the first day was officially closed by Sr. M. Gemma, the chapter assembly approved the Program and other proposed modifications regarding the persons composing the chapter organisms.

We pray that God’s recreating and transforming presence may continue to enkindle in them an attitude of listening and docility to His actions that they may remain in spirit of co-responsibility and commitment.