The Month of the Word

On September 24, 2017, the closing of the Pauline Family’s Month of the Word was marked by the mission-sending of the “proclaimers of the Word”.

In Manila:

The members of the Pauline Family in Manila together with their lay collaborators and partners gathered at St. Paul Sanctuary, Makati City for the Eucharistic Celebration at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Presided by Fr. Gil Alinsangan with the concelebrating SSP Priests, the Mass was highlighted by the giving of the Bibles to the lay collaborators through the Major Superiors of the different Institutes. They then called as the “Proclaimers of the Word”.

In his homily, Fr. Domie Guzman stressed the four important reasons why the Pauline Family celebrates the Month of the Word: 1) the WORD is Fr. James’ first love and the Pauline Family is not just rooted in the Eucharist but also in the Word of God; 2) the WORD is the spirit of the Pauline Family; 3) for him, the WORD is not an object but a subject, and so the living presence of Jesus; and 4) the WORD is the apostolic expression of the Pauline Family.

 The celebration ended with a simple salo-salo at the Alberione Hall.



In Bailen, Cavite:

The Pauline family at Southern Luzon celebrates its culmination of the Month of the Word at St. Joseph Parish in Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo (Bailen), Cavite. This parish was chosen by the Pauline family to be the recipient of 300 bibles. The members of Pauline family present during this activity were the Society of St. Paul, Daughters of St. Paul, Pastorelle Sisters and PDDM Sisters. The parishioners of Bailen welcomed us with much joy and great hospitality.

The celebration started with the “Karakol” with which the image of St. Joseph and the Holy bible were brought during the procession. All the members of the Pauline family were delighted to join this festive and ritual dance which the natives of Bailen shared to us. The enthronement of the Holy Bible followed after the procession. There were two talk given to the parishioners: (1) the Holy Bible and the Eucharist and (2) the Holy Bible and communion of communities. There was also a stage play rendered by our brother seminarians from the Society of St. Paul. Games and abundant freebies also filled the parishioners with joy while bounteous meal was shared during lunch time.

Our day of activity concluded with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and the giving of 300 bibles to the parishioners of St. Joseph.

In Lingayen, Pangasinan:

September 24 was a red letter day as it culminated the Pauline Family’s celebration of the Month of the Word from the Northern Luzon Cluster. Hosted by the generosity of the Pastorelle Sisters at the Jesus Good Shepherd School Development Center in Lingayen, Pangasinan, the said event was flocked by few members of the Pauline Family and numerous lay collaborators.

The registration started at 8:00 am, followed by a welcoming activity of getting to know each other.  After a few minutes of healthy break, the Bible was enthroned, of which the participants lined up to give reverence and kiss the Bible. Bibles were then distributed to those families/ individuals present. Highlighted also was the inspiring and enlightening talk of Novice Lennon from SSP-Pampanga. He shared about the importance of the “Word in the World” and in our life as disciples of Jesus Master as well as our attitude of treating and welcoming the strangers that we meet in our journey.   

A sumptuous lunch was served in the presence of “litson” from the generosity of Nanay Magdalena. The happy and nourished faces continued after the lunch where big groups were divided to share about their personal experiences and sentiments with the Word charitably imparted toward others.   

The program was concluded by our Reverend Fr. Joel Baguna of the SSP who celebrated over the Eucharist as a way of thanksgiving to God for His bounteous blessings esp. to those who continuously ponder and welcome the Word of God in their life. Fr. Joel’s glance and wit during his homily was like a spring of water giving refreshment that quench the dryness and heat of the afternoon sun.

Indeed, the celebration was an encounter of the “living Word” present to each one of us who have participated. May the Word that speaks to us in many varied ways help us to be more sensitive to its power which purifies and directs our life. May it nourish our life and inspires us to greater heights and  be our strength to strain toward the evangelization of the “great parish” which is the world! Gatherings such as this was quite a superb and momentous event that marks a new beginning in our life as Paulines…and I say, DEO GRATIAS!!!


 In Siquijor:

We, the Pauline Family from Visayas  had our Month of the Word Celebration in  Siquijor Island last September 22-24,2017.

On September 22 , the 37 of us already started the Bible Animation to the  different Parishes of the Island. Since Siquijor is composed of eight  parishes,  we  had four Parishes a day. Two parishes in the morning and two in the afternoon.  We were so grateful to the Parish Priests and parishioners who were generous, hospitable and so eager to learn and live  the WORD of God. Every Parish  prepared food for us every after the animation. We distributed 1000 Bibles  and Rosaries in the  Eight Parishes for free.  The PDDM were assigned  for the BIBLE enthronement, the SSP were the speakers and the FSP are assigned for the Animation. The Pauline Cooperators  also helped in the distribution of the Bibles and rosaries to the people in different parishes. 

We experienced heavy rains and  typhoon on  the first day while doing the mission but the people there were still  coming  to the Parishes to attend the Bible Animation. We culminated the Bible Animation at St. Francis of Assissi Parish  on September 24 at 8:00 in the morning followed by an agape prepared by the parishioners.

We, Pauline Family in Visayas are so grateful for all the blessings and graces that we have received with such joy in our hearts  because of the beautiful experiences of being a family who work together for a  mission which is to Spread the Good News to the people especially to the poor in the Province of Siquijor. Doing the mission is  a  great challenge because we Paulines are called to bring Jesus  Master to the World not only  giving and teaching the Bible  but  rather to  become a faithful  Witnesses of the Gospel values.

May our  presence  inspire  the youth in Siquijor to join the Pauline family.

“Lord, send more vocations to the Pauline family. Amen.”

Deo gratias!

In Davao:

We celebrated the culmination of the "Month of the Word" of the whole Pauline Family here in Mindanao Region in two consecutive Sundays: 

 September 17, 2017 we went to SR San Isidro Labrador Chapel, Pagangan 1, Aleosan North Cotabato, where we passed Mamasapano bridge and other Muslim areas. We were welcomed by more than 100 families of that place. The assignment of the activities were distributed to the different congregations using the Visayan dialect and the distribution of the Bibles were part of that activities. We concluded these activities with the Celebration of the Eucharist presided by Fr. Albert Bernal, SSP.

 September 24, 2017, we went to Provincial Social Welfare & Development Office. " Bahay Pag-asa", New Corella, Davao del Norte. A place of rehabilitation of the Juvenile offender ( from 18 years old down). There were 22 of them. After introducing the Bible to them, we were divided into groups and had the "Lectio Divina". In our group, one of the youth said " Lumaki siya na walang alam sa Bible ngayon lang daw niya nalaman ang Bible ng naandito na siya sa loob..."

We concluded our visit with the Celebration of the Mass with our three SSP priests, Fr. Rene, Fr. Abet and Fr. Arthur. We thank the whole Pauline Family here in Mindanao who collaborated actively in this apostolic initiative of the Pauline Family of spreading the Gospel.


In Hongkong:

The Church of the Annunciation Filipino Catholic Group held an annual Bible Encounter with the theme, "Word of God, The Spirit of Prophecy: Discern and Live with His Word" in the form of a Quiz Bee focusing on the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets. This was last August 6, 2017. Earlier before this event, about 5 months ago, they were given an overview of the life of the Minor Prophets which inspired us to go through deeper. Each ministry made time to discuss with the help of their respective Herald Team representative. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, 17 groups joined in the Quiz Bee. Encountering God through the prophets in the Scripture allowed us to see their life: rebelliousness, sinful practices, unfaithfulness to God....and those who sacrificed. Through their stories God revealed himself, his merciful intervention and unconditional love just to draw them to Himself. All these opened our eyes to see his saving power leading us to a deeper faith in Him and to change our life --- to live in the light of the Gospel of Christ. Overjoyed! Each participant won the great prize --- the joy of being in His presence; living in Christ and sharing Christ! Everyone was indeed a winner! We're happy to acknowledge the major prizes (1st, 2nd & 3rd) awardees: PEOPLE OF JUDAH (MEEv), EPHRATHAH (OLA Px 1) and PLUMB LINE (OLA Px 2) respectively. Indeed, God loves us and He sent Jesus to save us. We have tasted his kindness, through the Scriptures he revealed His power to us.

Congratulations to all! GOD BLESS!!!

How wonderful it is to be with the teens who have the same passion as you, desiring to know God more through the Holy Scriptures. We belong to a Catholic Charismatic Community - Bukas Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community and our Youth Ministry is considerably new. We have been giving Youth Encounters since 2011 and we have just started with our Youth BiRef late last year. The Youth BiRef is basically a Lectio Divina but to cater to the teens. We started as a small group and now the numbers are growing. We gather every Friday night either in Pacific Coffee or Starbucks even sometimes in McDonalds. I am so blessed to witness how these teens grow in faith and grow in their spirituality. The fulfillment was very rewarding. Through this apostolate, we learn how to accept one another and embrace each others’ differences. Truly, this is God's handiwork for us!