Canonical Visit to the P-T-H Province

Sr. M. Micaela Monetti, the Superior General of the Disciples of the Divine Master together with Sr. M. Giovanna Uchino, one of the General Councilors, visited the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province from November 24 to December 23, 2017.

With the purpose to simply know and learn from the reality of every sister and the different communities in the province, Sr. M. Micaela and Sr. M. Giovanna were overwhelmed by the diversity of cultures of the three countries which also consist of rich subcultures. They affirmed that this diversity is both a blessing and an opportunity for the province to grow.

For Sr. M. Micaela, the diverse geographical realities can be considered as the new frontiers of the province. She motivated the sisters to allow the Spirit to renew their communities so that fraternal life lived in communion will be their effective tool to communicate the love of Christ to all.

They also appreciated the hospitality of every community along with the spirit of cooperation of the collaborators, Friends of the Divine Master (APC-FDM), bishops and priests of the dioceses they visited and the members of the Pauline family.

Sr. M. Micaela was pleased with the openness of the sisters in sharing about their realities. Thus, she was helped in understanding not only their individual situation but of the whole province as well. In her sharing, she reminded the sisters to cultivate the spirit of communion and to intensify the sense of belonging to the congregation. She highlighted the importance of dialogue among the sisters in their communities as well as in relation with the people they serve in the Church and in society.

For the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province, the Canonical Visit of Sr. M. Micaela and Sr. M. Giovanna was a great manifestation of God who never ceases to come to his people and reveal his loving presence as the God-with-us—the Immanuel. So with thanksgiving, the sisters accepted the challenges brought about by this visitation and hope to actuate them in spirit of filial collaboration with those in service of authority in the congregation.

Prior to their departure for Rome, the PDDM communities in Luzon gathered for a celebration of prayer and a simple despedida for Sr. M. Micaela and Sr. M. Giovanna at the Alberione Center on December 22, 2017. Filled with joyful carols rendered by the sisters representing the different communities, the celebration delighted Sr. M. Micaela and Sr. M. Giovanna who in turn expressed their gratitude to all the sisters.

          Hong Kong