PLMI Formative Meeting 2018

The PDDM Liturgical Ministries (PLMI) team of the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province held a formative meeting last June 12 to 14, 2018 at the Alberione Center in Quezon City.

Participated by 26 sisters, the gathering aimed to assess the realities of our PDDM mission in the liturgical apostolate. It was a celebration of the strengths and the giftedness of the sisters and their collaborators as God-given instruments to respond to the challenges they encountered in the recent years. The event was also a means to review and update the centralized policies and resolutions made in the past as well as to build a culture of high standards.

The keynote talk was given by Sr. M. Anthony Basa, the Provincial Superior on the first day. She pointed out the value of “repetition” in any process of learning and affirmed that the formative meetings held every year seek to better our ways of serving the Church through our liturgical ministries. She said that even our imitation of Jesus Master is best developed by our contemplation of the Word of God over and over again. Thus, we learn from Jesus Master by our constant practice of his teachings.

On June 13, Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, there was a showcase of the different creativities of the sisters. New items and innovations were featured in an exhibit attributed as gift to Sr. M. Anthony who also celebrated her feast day. The exhibit itself was laden with enriching evaluation that inspired everyone to do best in all that we do in the service of the Church.

Day 3 featured a deepening talk given by Sr. M. Elizabeth Salido on the fruits gathered from the sharing of different groups. Values of trust, communion, co-responsibility and teamwork transpired during the sessions. Through her input, the participants received the call to re-own their discipleship with Jesus Master, to re-value their Paschal life and to be immersed in the spirituality of communion.

The participants concluded the gathering with the conviction to enhance all the more our liturgical ministries. They committed themselves to be new wineskins who welcome Jesus who unceasingly offers himself as the New Wine outpoured for the life of the world.