Animators-Bursars' Meeting 2018

The formative meeting of the local superiors and local bursars in the Philippine-Taiwan-Hongkong Province was held at Alberione Center, Quezon City on June 25-29, 2018.  The first 3 days of this formative meeting was organized for the local superiors. Sr. M. Anthony, our Provincial Superior, led the session by sharing to our local superiors 7 points on the how they shall lead the community entrusted to them.  Sr. M. Anthony guided them to the Way of the Good Shepherd and she challenged our local superiors to learn the way the Good Shepherd cares for His flock. As part of this activity, Sr. M. Anthony asked the sisters to outline the SHAPE (which stands for S-strength, H-heart or passion, A-attitude, P-personality, E-experiences) of the members of their community or organization so that from there, they would know how to get in touch with the gift and talent of each one. Outside the session hall, the local superiors also had the opportunity to recreate through the generosity of Mrs. Sai who welcomed the sisters to stay at their house in Nasugbu, Batangas. Part of this formative session are the recommendations proposed to each community as they make their community project and so Sr. M. Anthony and members of the Provincial council brought the sisters to visit an eco-hotel owned by Alessandra Atienza in Tagaytay. There, the sisters had the chance to see how this young and innovative artist converted the ‘garbage’ like container vessels into a beautiful masterpiece of art. Alessandra shared her ideas of recycling, reusing and reducing garbage by living a life with a green heart.

The last 2-day formative meeting was a joint meeting of the local superiors and local bursars. Sr. M. Alma Sabanpan, our provincial bursar, presented to the local bursars their roles and functions and their collaboration according to the Rule of life. The formative session called attention to appropriate documentation and proper channeling of communication. This joint session concluded with the sharing of recommendations that the province desired to live out in the community. Sr. M. Anthony desired that each community will set ample time for sharing of what had transpired during these formative sessions so that each can carefully plan for the community project and so collaborate with joyful conviction.

 The participants were contented for this year’s formative session and were grateful to the community of Alberione Center for a warm welcome and affable accommodation.