PDDM sisters participate at PCNE V

The Philippine Conference on the New Evangelization (PCNE) on its fifth year celebration is marked with significant participation of the clergy and religious.  This year’s PCNE had a five-day celebration, from July 18-22, 2018 and the first two days were attended by the clergy and consecrated persons. The theme for this year is inspired by the Gospel of Matthew – “Moved with compassion…feed the multitude” and this stirs the heart of every clergy and consecrated persons especially during the sharing sessions.

This year, our congregation is invited to join the liturgy committee in which we are given the task to prepare the liturgical spaces. Our sisters, Sr. Mary Ruth Nardo and Sr. Mary Irene Cuadra, were the lead artists who decorated the stage at the University of Santo Tomas Quadricentennial Pavilion. The center of the pavilion was turned into a sanctuary and thus, provided the participants an atmosphere of calmness and sacredness. When the celebration was moved to Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay, Sr. Mary Ruth and Sr. Mary Irene were helped by a priest from Tuguegarao, Fr. Bernice Wynn Rio. He enhances the decorations with fruits and vegetables and this promotes a festive mood.

Our participation in the preparation and even during the celebration of PCNE was well appreciated by the liturgy committee and they are grateful for our collaboration. We, in turn, are thankful for the trust that the Archdiocese of Manila and the PCNE committee had given to us. Indeed, this beautiful exchange of gifts and talents promoted among us a joyful collaboration and friendly alliance.