A “Defense” for our Common Home

Sr. MaredithQ. Canoy, a perpetually-professed member of the PDDM Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province, has completed the final requirement for the Master of Arts in Theology major in Pastoral Ministry at Maryhill School of Theology,magna cum laude last November 20, 2018.

She defended her project paper entitled “A Zero-Waste Community: A Pastoral-Moral Response to the Call of the 9th General Chapter of the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM) in the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province for Environmental Protection and Integrity of Creation” in the presence of her adviser, Fr. Abundio Babor Jr., MSC and two panel members—Fr. Guido Everaert, CICM and Fr. Pedro Roberto Manansala, OFM. Some PDDM sisters and the formation community were also present to support Sr. Maredith.

One of the highlights of the project paper is the urgency of taking into consideration the social dimension of the Eucharistic life of every PDDM, particularly in responding to the call to prophetically promote the care of creation not just among the PDDM sisters but also to other people in the world. As it seeks to make a difference through actual practices advocating zero-waste communities, the project paper also campaigns for the creative practice of 6 Rs:respect people and nature,refuse things not needed and which are harmful for ecology,reduce, recycle, reuse and rot or compost.

The PDDM Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province has been practicing concrete ways that promote the care for the environment through these 6 Rs. For instance, the Oasis natural soap has been available to counteract the sachet-culture which is a major cause of plastic wastes in the Philippines as well as the use of chemicals harmful to nature; the Bokashi technology for composting biodegradable wastes; the Earth Hour observed once a week in different communities; and Eco-bricking using pet bottles and plastic wastes are some practices that the PTH province has already initiated. These are sources of hope for the actualization of Sr. Maredith’s scholarly endeavor.