2019 Asia-Oceania Meeting

Our sisters from the circumscriptions of India, Korea/New Zealand, Philippine/Taiwan/Hongkong, Japan and Delegation Australia gathered in Taipei City, Taiwan for the Asia-Oceania meeting on September 9-15, 2019. This reflective encounter of our sisters was graced by the presence of our 2 General Councilors, Sr. M. Anetta Szczykutowicz and Sr. M. Giovanna Uchino. There were 14 participants and the group is a mixture of young sisters and superiors. For our young sisters this experience was a great opportunity and an edifying one because they were given the chance to freely express themselves. The sister-participants were grateful for the PDDM Taiwan communities who received them with warm welcome. The experience was filled with much hope and inspiration because the hands of God has truly been revealing in forming the journey of 2019 Asia-Oceania encounter.

This meeting was also a process of formation that led our sisters to an experience of interculturality as expressed not only on the sharing of gifts but above all, in the gestures of sisterly support and filial concern. Filled with joy and hope, our sisters depart from this experience of communion with jovial desire to proclaim how God’s will works in us and among us. Though challenged by various realities, diversity led them to find the path of harmony and connections. We thank all our sisters in various circumscriptions for praying for them and with them and we continue to pray for the grace of openness and hope to arrive as to where the Spirit will lead us towards a New Redesigning.

Thank you very much, Sisters!