A New Tabernacle opens in Laoag

October 19, 2019 is celebrated as the feast of our beloved Blessed Timothy Giaccardo whom our Blessed Founder James Alberione called “the most faithful among the faithful”. This day also is the 100th year anniversary of Blessed Timothy’s ordination to priesthood and so fitting that the new community of PDDM Laoag is opened. This new community is named after him and so be called Giaccardo Community. The Most Rev. Renato Mayugba, Bishop of the Diocese of Laoag, during the homily welcomes the sisters and even grateful that we responded to his invitation. He told that our coming to the Diocese of Laoag is above all an invitation to remain with the Lord and see the realization of God’s project in the church of Laoag. Bishop Mayugba shared that his vision for the faithful of Laoag is to bring back the centrality of the Eucharist and so he asked the sisters’ collaboration and help because he alone cannot sustain it. He reiterated that in everything and at all times it is necessary that we remain in God’s love.

This occasion was also graced by the presence of the sisters coming from different communities, some priests and some parishioners from the Diocese of Laoag. Sr. M. Anthony also expressed her gratitude for this missionary opportunity that Bishop Mayugba had given us. She thanked the workers who labored to renovate the residence of the sisters and also thanked Sisters Irene, Cecilia and Clelia who generously accepted the call of being a missionary-disciple to the people of Laoag. The blessing of the house followed after the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and everyone partook in a simple meal.