Celebrating Love amidst pandemic

The superabundant love of Jesus Divine Master which surpasses the pandemic crisis was celebrated in different communities of the PDDM Sisters last October 25, 2020.

In the Philippines…

Following safety protocols, themed novena and masses were held, honoring Jesus Divine Master as the Uncreated Truth, the Incarnate Son, the Bread from Heaven, the Sole Way to the Father, the Life to Humanity, the Revealer of Divine Mysteries, the One who Lives in the Church, the Light of the world, and the One who Dwells in the Tabernacle.

The communities of Cebu and Davao live streamed their novena Masses making it accessible to friends, relatives and devotees of Jesus Master. Others creatively prayed the novena in their respective communities.

On the solemnity proper, many joined the sisters as four communities—Quezon City, Antipolo, Cebu and Davao made ways to extend the blessing of the celebration by making the Mass available online via FB Live.

In the provincial house—Alberione Center in Quezon City, the Eucharistic celebration at 11:00am was presided by Rev. Fr. Rollin Flores, provincial superior of the Society of St. Paul Philippine-Macau Province. Fr. Andres Inting, SSP was the presider of the 9:00am Mass in Antipolo. In Davao, Fr. Joel Baguna with Fr. Art Palisada, SSP celebrated with the community. And, Most Rev. Midyphil Billiones, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu graced the celebration at the Divine Master Chapel in Cebu at 10:00am.

Furthermore, after the celebration of the Mass, the sisters in Manila, Davao and Cebu generously made the love of Jesus Master experienced by our brothers and sisters through outreach initiatives. The PDDM Apostolic Community in Manila prepared and shared food to the youth in conflict with the law as they united themselves with the Church in praying for prisoners. The sisters in Cebu distributed 250 packed meals to street dwellers and to the PDDM Lay Mission Collaborators in Minglanilla. In Davao, the sisters shared goods to the kids at SOS Children’s Village. These initiatives were done also through the collaboration and support of the PDDM friends and benefactors.

Truly, the love of Jesus Divine Master lives on and goes beyond any crisis. He remains faithful in manifesting His love to people through the ministries He entrusted to His disciples. May every PDDM continue to make Him known, loved and served by all, surpassing the restrictions brought about by this pandemic.

Alberione Center Community, Quezon City


PAC Manila Community


Cebu Community


Davao Community


Divine Master Convent Community, Antipolo


In Taiwan….

Every year, the PDDM in Taiwan celebrates the Solemnity of Jesus Master in the different churches. This initiative is geared towards promoting our devotion to Jesus Christ the Divine Master, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

It was worth noting that our celebration was held in St. Joseph’s Church, Luzhou District, New Taipei City with the Filipino-English Community at 12:30pm.  The occasion became more meaningful for it was the culmination of the Marian month.  No wonder there was a good number of the legionaries from the different praesidia of Mary, Queen of the Apostles Curia taken cared of by Sr. M. Criselda Lagnason and Sr. M. Aida Malonzo as spiritual directress.

The Eucharistic Celebration was presided by Fr. Mar Garrido, a Filipino Comboni priest. He introduced the PDDM to the assembly as members of the Pauline Family with Bl. James Alberione as our Founder.  He found it very remarkable that the Pauline Family consists of  five Religious  Congregations and five Aggregated Secular Institutes are one in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Master using the modern means of the mass media of communication. He emphasized that Jesus Christ whom Bl. James Alberione preferred to be honored as the Divine Master teaches us the greatest commandment and that is, the love of God and our neighbors.

Everyone prayed the Invocations to Jesus Master before the concluding prayer.  This was followed by the crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary and offering of flowers to her.  After, the stampita with the icon of Jesus Master and the Invocations to Him and bracelet rosaries were distributed to those who joined us in celebrating the Eucharist.  Then, everyone gathered together as one family in the hall of the Church to have table fellowship and partake of the meal prepared by the sisters and the Legionaries. All also enjoyed the program and games prepared by them.

The PDDM Sisters are grateful to the parish priest, Fr. Joseph Ruan, and members of Mary, Queen of the Apostles Curia for the help to make the celebration of the Solemnity of Jesus Master something worth remembering and replete with joy.


In Hongkong: 

The special celebration of the Solemnity of Jesus Master with our Parishioners in Annunciation Parish in Tsuen Wan, New Territories was held on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020 at 8 am. The Priest Celebrant, Fr. Henry Cabral, SVD, presided in the English mass attended by over a hundred persons, while respecting the social distancing measures. Taking to heart the theme of this year’s celebration, the ‘Calming of the Storm’ the presider and participants prayed that “considering the challenges we currently encounter in our lives, especially the crisis of the covid-19 pandemic, we may never forget to put our faith and trust in Jesus, the Lord who saves us and brings peace to our turbulent world.”

In the afternoon of the same day, our Sr. M. Cecille Duque led the members of the 9 ministry groups of the parish in a moment of recreation at Allways Park here in Tsuen Wan as they shared their experiences in the ministry, punctuating the occasion with singing and dancing.

The following day that is, on October 26, 2020, we celebrated the Solemnity in the Pauline Family level at the house of the FSP in Shatin, New Territories. Present in the celebration with us were a number of the APC  members in HK. Fr. Jay Francis Flandez, SVD , head of the Chaplaincy for Filipinos here in HK, presided the Eucharistic celebration in Cantonese. In his homily he exhorted us to imitate the Master who does not teach giving only information but by leading us to a  transformation of life. He ended by invoking the Spirit of God upon us all, especially on the missionaries who strive with all their might to communicate the message of Jesus Master not only in words but more especially with their lives.

In order to respect the health precautionary measures of the place, the priest presider and  APC members joined us only for simple refreshment. We PDDMs then feasted with our sisters FSP for a luscious lunch and enjoyed an ‘intercultural meal’ made up of Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Singaporean specialties.