On November 26, 2021, 50th death anniversary of Blessed James Alberione, through his intercession, Sr. Maria Cecilia Maulino Payawal, pddm, had successfully defended her dissertation paper with the title: “The Misa ng Bayang Pilipino as a Filipino Attempt at Liturgical Inculturation and a Response to the New Evangelization in the Philippine Church”. With this, she was able to complete the requirements of her studies, and has obtained the degree DOCTOR OF LITURGY, in San Beda Graduate School of Liturgy, San Beda University (Manila).

With a difficult and complicated topic on inculturation, she received with openness the improvements suggested by her adviser and 5 readers who are Doctors in Liturgy, and was able to answer with clarity and “wisdom” their questions and clarifications during the defense which lasted for two hours. She extends her gratitude to the Congregation for the privilege given her to study, which has enriched not only her academic and missionary life, but also her prayer and spiritual life. Everything she offers for the glory of God and the good of all!